Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Life Lately

Lately my computer has been acting REALLY slow when I plug my phone into it to put some pictures in here and so I just haven't been so into sharing with you about my oh so fabulous life (I was being sarcastic).  But I promised on Saturday that a post like this was coming soon.  And so... here you go!

1)  We went to a play.  I don't remember what it was called but we clearly weren't expecting a 2 person play where they played multiple people.  PLUS, I wasn't the one who read or looked into it at all... that was all John.

 2)  John and i have these popsicle sticks that we wrote down a bunch of ideas of things we could do when we have nothing else to do on them.  Then when we need something to do together we pull one out of the jar and do it.  The thing is we know what we wrote on them so we usually just say "hey, we should go for a bike ride" and do it instead of surprising ourselves by pulling a popsicle stick and it saying "paint pictures for each other" instead.

Anyways, I'm telling you all of this because one of the popsicle sticks says something along the lines of "mystery ingredient dessert".  For this one we go to the grocery store and pick out an ingredient that the other person has to make a dessert out of.

So I picked up some aloe drink for John (mostly because I was curious about the taste... kind of like a flat 7up for those of us that were wondering) and he got me some Indian Karela (see photo)
We decided we were allowed to look up a basic cake recipe or cookie recipe or brownie recipe but nothing like "Indian Karela Brownies" - which by the way is what I made.  I was also allowed to look up what indian karela is because I had no clue what it was or what part was edible.  For those of us that are interested it is a bitter melon.

So yes, I made mine into brownies and because I wasn't sure what it was going to taste like I loaded it with extra cocoa and chocolate drizzle on top.  As well as some pecans and marshmallows.  It turned out not too bad.  I won for presentation!
John made a vanilla cake with his and then made a chocolate mousse for icing.  He decided a little too late that a nice vanilla and cinnamon icing might have been better.  His won for taste.

3)  I've been subbing a lot lately (in fact I haven't had a single day off yet - other than last Friday but it was a division wide inservice so I didn't have an option to work).  So I've been bringing this book along with me to read to my students.  One day I planned a writing activity around this book because the teacher had left me extra time to fill.  Basically we made our own monsters for scary street.

4)  I've got two Christmas presents bought... and plans to buy at least one more (and I know exactly where to go to get the stuff for that one) and part of another (which may turn into John's birthday present instead... I haven't decided).

Not sure what my plans for Halloween are yet... John and I have been looking at pumpkin carving stuff... so maybe we'll do that and hand out candy at his place.  And maybe watch some kind of Halloween movie too.

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