Friday, 6 October 2017

A Ranking of Bathrooms

In case you were wondering we have 4 bathrooms in our new house.

Were we looking for a house with 4 bathrooms?


But I'm not going to complain!... one day we might need all those bathrooms.

We haven't altered any of them... yet.  Some might need updating more than others though so today I'm ranking them from the best to the worst (based soley on the way they look... not function).


1.  Copious counters and cupboards!

main floor half bath

This lovely bathroom is located on our main floor just off the kitchen (if you look close you can spy our oven in the mirror).  It's actually the bathroom with the most counter space which is why I ranked it in the #1 spot.  It's a bit much considering it's a half bath on the main floor.  But since it has all the counter space I'm using it as my "getting ready" bathroom.  My hair stuff, makeup, and at one point even my jewelry is in there.  There is even a spot for a chair if I really wanted (I don't think I need that chair in there yet though)

2.  The Ensuite


Never did I ever think I might have an ensuite.... this is the stuff dreams are made of (although, I don't really care about an ensuite currently since John and I could technically have 2 bathrooms each to ourselves).  It's nice enough and the only updating I would request would for it to one day include a shower... Although I'm not sure how that would work out since there currently isn't room for a shower... so if we are magically getting more room in our ensuite what I really want is a nice soaker tub with a separate shower, 2 sinks, and lots of counter space.  That's the stuff dreams are really made of.  Currently we use this bathroom for brushing our teeth... and that's pretty much it!

3.  Carpeted Commode

basement full bath

I know what you're thinking.... the bathroom has carpet in it?  Our realtors told us that would have been a luxury they paid extra for (along with the sparkles on the ceiling on the 2nd floor apparently).  You can't see the carpet in the bathroom because I put down our bath mat since this is the bathroom we were using to shower in at the time.  If you ignore the carpet and the yellow it's really not too bad though.  So I guess the only part of this bathroom that got it into the #3 spot is the fact that I don't mind the tiling in the tub.  Anywho, this is our basement bathroom.  Personally, I don't think we need a tub in the basement so I think the plans for this bathroom are to get rid of the tub and put a shower in instead and then make the bathroom smaller because it's actually quite large (or well larger than the main 4 piece bathroom upstairs).  John dreams of changing the location of this bathroom to the other side of the wall... we'll have to see the cost of moving basement plumbing before we commit to moving it over though.
Sidenote:  This bathroom also has the hot and cold water mixed up in the bath.  So, if you ever happen to be over and needing to shower in the basement turn it towards the cold water side to make it go hotter!

4.  Everything is Brown(ish)/Pinkish

Upstairs full bath
My cousin insists this is one of the finer bathrooms in the house.  She insists all you would have to do is change out the counter top and put in a few shells and you've got yourself a nice beachy bathroom.  To be honest, changing the counter top would probably do wonders for this bathroom but I'm still ranking it dead last.  Prior to moving in they had a pinkish shower curtain in there too... adding in our white and black one helped too.  As the main 4 piece bathroom (this one is located upstairs) it needs more counter space (we didn't have a whole lot of counter space at the condo but I think it was even more than this!) which I think we could get by switching out the toilet which is a little large and since we are swapping that out for a newer better one we may as well redo the tub too.

And there you have it folks... our bathrooms!

Which do you think is the worst?
Which is the best?

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